About Us

No Lift Needed started out of a love for first turns and untouched powder. Built around friends, family, and a love for life. It is about the atmosphere and the people that enjoy the backcountry every single day. We support those looking for first turns at dawn and untouched powder lines deep in the wilderness or even in your own backyard.

Our objective is to help protect skiing and riding for everyone. We want to promote information about backcountry terrain and accessibility, as well as increase awareness about human powered skiing and riding at local ski resorts and in the backcounty. We hope we can help.

We fully support all ski resort operations and the benefits they provide so many families and friends. It is fantastic to see so many resorts supporting uphill skiers and writing policies that support this growing segment of the sport. One of the goals here at No Lift Needed is to make sure that EVERY resort understands the benefits of allowing uphill skiers and has standing policies to manage this growing sport.

Start earning your turns today. Updated North America local ski resort uphill ski policies. Find out your local resorts uphill policy.